“Before I knew about the 407, I was pretty lost in the realm of youth groups. I had tried a few different youth groups but it was the same every time. The kids there had grown up around each other, formed groups and clicks and I was the outsider. I tried to make friends but I never felt like I belonged. I was told about 407 by a friend from school at the end of my Freshmen year in High School and when I finally came to check it out, I wasn’t an outsider. I walked down the stairs to a family who I’d only grow closer to through out my time coming. I made new friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, who encouraged me in my walk with God. They accepted me for who I am and didn’t judge me. If I want to be crazy and dance around they dance with me, if I need to be serious and ask for advice on situations in my life I have a place to go to where I can be open and honest without feeling like I’m being judged. Through the messages Rob gives every week and the encouragement from the brothers and sisters God placed in my life, I was able to not only give my life to God, but really dig into my relationship with my Savior and make it my own. Without the 407 and the family I’ve found here, I don’t know where my relationship with God would be. I thank the Lord that I was introduced to the407 youth and for the Christ centered relationships I’ve made here.”
-Kaitlyn Renschler