Do you have any extra programs/chapel offered?

YES, we plan to as soon as it is safe to return to large groups.

Classroom fun events for children are listed on the monthly calendar.

Weekly Chapel 

Chapel services will be held in the church sanctuary at 9:00 am each Wednesday, when it is safe to return to large group interaction. Parents will be welcome to attend!

Do you offer VPK?
We have 2 VPK classes that run Monday – Friday 9:00 – 12:00
How do you communicate with parents?

Emails! We will email information to the families, please make sure we have the email you check most often listed with St. Mary’s Preschool. Communication is very important to us. In addition to emails we will send home a monthly newsletters and curriculum calendar.

Do you have progress reports or conferences?
YES!  We are continually evaluating the students progress and twice a year (mid and end) you will receive a copy of the reports.  Although we have an open door policy and you can schedule a meeting with your child’s teacher anytime; we schedule Parent/Teacher conferences in January each year.
Do your teachers use a curriculum and lesson plans?
YES!  We use Beyond Centers and Circle Time curriculum in our 2 and 3 year old classes; and Nemors Brightstart in our VPK classeswith the opportunity to bring other ideas and lessons from supporting materials. Lesson plans are posted in the classrooms and emailed to parents each week. Our teachers educate through play. Your child may tell you all they did today was “play” I assure you there is a reason behind the play that is teaching skills needed for success.  
Do you provide snacks/lunch?

No!  We do not provide any meals.  You will provide snack and lunch (if needed).  We do not refrigerate snacks or lunch so please provide and ice pack if needed.

Do you have uniforms?
No, however we do have a dress code that includes comfortable play clothes, close toe shoes preferably sneakers, no dangle earrings, no make up, no crocs, flip flops, or pointed toe boots such Cowboy boots.
When is tuition due?

This year tuition is due by the last day of each month beginning in August.  It is an annual tuition broken into 10 equal monthly payments for your convenience. It is paid August – May.  There is also an annual registration fee of $240 due at the time of enrollment.

Do I have to sign up for the extended hours?

At this time there is no need to sign-up for LUNCH BUNCH, you can use it occasionally it’s a drop-in basis. You will be charged at the end of the  month for any drop in LUNCH BUNCH your child attended. However; due to the Covid-19 non-mixing of classes, you must sign-up for early bird and extended day hours. 

What is your illness policy?
We require that you keep your child home if they are experiencing diarrhea, vomiting, or fever.  Your child must be free of any of these symptoms for a full 24 hours before they can return to school. If you child begins to exhibit any of these signs of illness we will call you to pick them up.
Who is allowed to pick my child up from school?

When you fill out your enrollment paperwork you will give us names and phone numbers of anyone over the age of 18 you give permission to pick up your child or for us to call in case of an emergency and you can not be reached.  We will always check for ID when a new person that we do not know arrives to pick up your child.

Are you closed during holidays?

Yes, we follow Orange County Public School Closings with a few changes periodically.

407-851-4723 / [email protected]