Robyn Brant

Robyn Brant

Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Robyn Brant has taken this credo of a man she admires as a basis of her professional career. Her creativity has enabled her to develop preschools with unique curriculums, ones which incorporate solutions to each specific student’s needs with whimsy and imagination.

Her students have had the opportunity to imagine themselves as chefs, pirates, talk show hosts, physicians, astronauts, and wedding attendants. They have walked the red carpet, been ice skating and thrown snowballs (in Florida!), danced at a sock hop, and marched in a daily parade. Her students have mastered skills important for school preparation that include beginner reading, math and money handling, and social skills such as personal hygiene and table manners – all while having a great play day!

Robyn brings a passion to all she does, from her early attempt to being the most professional cotton candy entrepreneur in her home state of Massachusetts, to her love of all things Disney, to her 36-year commitment to providing superior preschool training for our nation’s most valuable and perhaps, most neglected, resource.

Her experience has incorporated all types of ECE programs, private, corporate, government funded and even a parent cooperative. St. Mary’s Preschool has now given Robyn the opportunity to manage a church-affiliated school. At Saint Mary’s, she can continue to create an environment that aligns with her “traditional” beliefs and Christian values.

She is proud of the collaborative atmosphere within her schools, created by utilizing each of her teacher’s best talents. Robyn even developed an intergenerational program with a local assisted living facility that was magical for the elderly as well as the preschoolers.

Her positive attitude and enthusiasm for her profession has encouraged many whom she has mentored to find a calling in early childhood education and to think outside the box!

Robyn, in short, (not a comment on her height) is a dreamer, a doer, and a believer.